Stefano Lucchina

Dr. Stefano Lucchina is consultant for Hand Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery at Locarno’s Hospital. He holds this same position at  Bellinzona & Lugano (CH) hospitals after having being resident from 2003-2004. Following on from this Dr Lucchina became ‘Chief of  Clinic’ in 2005 and then ‘Chief of Service’ for Hand Surgery from 2006 -2012. Since 2017 Dr Lucchina is also accredited as consultant for Hand Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery at Ars Medica Clinic (Groupe Genolier) in Gravesano. Dr.Lucchina graduated from medicine ‘summa cum laude’, in 1999 (highest distinction).

Was awarded with the title of specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology in 2004, then FESSH European Diploma in Hand Surgery in 2006 in Glasgow (Scotland), the title of Swiss specialist in Hand surgery in Biel (CH) in 2011, specialist in ultrasound of muscolo-skeletal disorders in Bern (CH) in 2014, then Swiss specialist in high doses radiology in 2016.

He has been trained in Switzerland, Italy, Sydney (Australia), Barcelona (Spain), Miami and Philadelphia (United States). Dr.Lucchina is author of a number of clinical research publications in a variety of  international journals including ‘PubMed’. One of his main areas of research is Hand and Composite Tissues Transplantation.

Stefano Lucchina - Sala operatoria

Dr Lucchina participated to the first three hand transplants from cadavers in Italy under the direction of Prof. Marco Lanzetta during the period  2000-2002. Dr Lucchina was Secretary of  the International Registry for Hand Transplantation and Composite Tissues Allograts (IRHCTA), 2002-2005. He is corresponding member of the SGH (Swiss Society for Hand Surgery), as well as the SICM (Italian Society for Hand Surgery), FESSH (Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand), the IHCTAS (International Hand and Composite tissue allografts society) and the ASSH (American Society for Surgery of the Hand). Since 2007 he is Professor of the School for Hand therapy at SUPSI and the school for scrub nurses (operating room technicians) at the SSMT in Lugano (CH).

In 2007 he won the Italian TOYP (The outstanding young persons) award for Scientific Research in 2010 and co-author for the best poster presentation at the conference-FESSH (European Societies for Surgery of the Hand) in Bucharest. In 2011 he won at Biel (CH) the Gong Show Award of the Swiss Society for Surgery of the Hand. He is co-founder of the Hand Unit EOC, accredited by the FESSH (European Societies for Surgery of the Hand) since 2010 as Hand Trauma Center.

Since 2012 he’s a leader of a Swiss team of GICAM, a non-profit organization working all over the world but mainly in Africa and Asia, completing humanitarian mission destined to people who are  victims of inadequate medical treatments, congenital malformations, natural disasters or wars. He cannot bear mediocrity, laziness and waiting. He describes his work as ‘a passion, and a  hobby’. He enjoys his work immensely and is often described as a  ‘workaholic’.

Clinical Activity is mainly focused onStefano Lucchina - Attivita' umanitarie

  • Entrapment Syndromes of the peripheral nerves or due to glucose/thyroid disorders. Such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Ulnar Nerve Compression at the elbow. These are treated with endoscopic or mini-invasive techniques.
  • Osteoarthritis of the fingers, base of the thumb and wrist, as well as ligament injuries of the wrist and thumb.Treated with an arthroscopic technique
  • Micro- Surgical Reconstruction of nerve lesions and peripheral palsy of the upper and lower extremity. Particular focus on road and work traumas
  • The development of techniques  for reducing the time out of work or sports due to loss of function following accidents.
  • Reconstruction of the upper limb after nerve palsy due to congenital or cerebro vascular reasons
  • Micro-Surgical Reconstruction of  upper body limb soft tissue as a result of accidents, cancer or skin diseases