Hand centers that excel in quality and numbers of cases in Europe providing complex traumas care and needing reconstructive microsurgery (fingers or hands replantation, large soft tissues losses, nerve reconstruction) are recognized and accredited as European FESSH Trauma Centers by the Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand).

The center is accredited by the FESSH after passing a quality evaluation for facilities working 24 hrs/daily, 365 days a year. For the center to be accredited at least 2 hand specialists are bound to have a European Diploma, obtained by Dr Lucchina in Glasgow (Scotland) in 2006, and certificate of training in reconstructive microsurgery (achieved in 2002 in Sydney at the Microsearch Foundation of Australia).


In Europe there are currently 65 accredited centers, including 6 in Switzerland (

Since 2010, thanks to the two doctors in charge (Dr.Lucchina in Locarno and Dr.Fusetti in Bellinzona) the Hand Unit EOC is accredited as Hand Trauma Center and can provide the management, surgical care, and post-operative care of the most complicated hand injuries after work, sport or road accidents with minimally invasive techniques and microsurgery if needed.